Japanese N-Gauge Model Railroad Items
The below is a small sample of Japanese Model Train Items (by Kato, Tomix, MicroAce, Modemo, and others) that I sell or have sold. The below is nowhere near complete. Please read the text at the bottom of this page for more important information if you are interested in such items. I also have a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED TECHNICAL QUESTIONS about the N gauge items I have on offer whicih you may find useful.


Above is a small percentage of the model railroad items that I have sold in the past. You can use this for inspiration for things that you might be interested in or to get you familiar with the genre. The photos above are quite a mishmash - some items shown are new. Others are used, and often sought after for their rarity. Some pages show a mix of new and used trains, trains from several different manufacturers, and several manufacturer releases of similar trains (either releaed at different times, or slightly different variants of the same trains). Please note: the lists above were compiled long after the photos above were taken, so there is a chance that in some cases the descriptions are not correct.

Please recall the way the Japanese production system works: many items are manufactured once and then not re-run for decades, if ever. This means that the catalogues are full of items that are generally very hard to get, though I specialize in obtaining such difficult items. Please note: items typically appreciate (go up in value) on the aftermarket.

The best way to get items from me is to monitor my eBay auctions and then bid on something you see there. This will get you the item at the lowest price and delivered to your door quickly. However, if you absolutely must have something pictured above, or any other Japanese model railroad item from any manufacturer, please contact me at

to enquire about a custom order. Unfortunately, due to the fact that search times for small items (such as parts or individual passenger coaches) are the same or even larger than for large items (such as trainsets), it will often be quite expensive to obtain special-order small sitems. Please remember that this is a premium service requiring the talents of several experts to find rare items. If it can be found, we can find it!

About quality: Japanese N-gauge items are, full stop, the highest quality n-gauge model railroad items in the world. Those of you who are used to dealing with Graham Farish, Lima, Life-Like, Bachmann, and others may have been accustomed to poor detail, balky motors, and every manner of nonsense. This is simply not the case with Japanese manufactured items, which are simply at a completely higher level in terms of quality and reliability. In addition to this, Japanese in general tend to keep items in excellent condition, so the purchase of previously owned items can be done with confidence. We test run most items (we occasionally don't test run new items because there's really no point - they always run perfectly) both in Japan and in the UK.

Generally speaking, I will beat ANY advertised price from ANY UK website on Japanese Model Train Items. Full Stop. This is because other websites tend to deal only in newly produced items which we can usually get for you at a better price.

Lastly, while I welcome emails that say "I don't want to special order X, if you happen to run across one, please let me know" and will try to keep track of such requests generally, I am unable to guarantee this service. I will do my best with such requests.

Here are some FREQUENTLY ASKED TECHNICAL QUESTIONS about the N gauge items I have on offer.

Thank you for your interest!

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