25% off all Kato Unitrack!

All Kato Unitrack 25% off!
The World's Best N-Gauge Track at the UK's best price.

Kato Unitrack is perhaps the finest quality N-scale track in the world. It is pre-ballasted snap-together N-scale track suitable for both permanent and temporary layouts. I own a massive amount of it personally - I find it is perfect for somebody like me who has not the space for a permanent layout (and appreciates the ability to make a new, rather complex layout every day, if I so choose), but also many people have incorporated Kato unitrack into their layouts with astounding success.

I am pleased to offer Kato Unitrack at 25% off the prices of other major UK stores (there are two that I know of that sell Unitrack online - their prices are, as far as I can tell, identical). Yes, I can supply you with Kato Unitrack (and associated structures and accessories) for 25% less than others!

Conditions (Must Read!):

  • Minimum order £100. That is to say, the total price of the goods on other UK websites must be at least £133.
  • My price excludes shipping (shipping charge will be comparable to that of other UK vendors).
  • My price is 75% of the normal, everyday retail price of new Kato Unitrack by established UK retailers. (specifically I have one in mind, but there may be others). This offer does not apply to special sale or promotion prices.
  • Due the possibility of the other sellers changing their prices, all orders are subject to my verification and approval before being "solidified." Your order will typically take two to three weeks to arrive (but the savings may well make this worth it!) I usually can get everything (and more!) that is on UK stocklists, but occasionally items may be temporarily out of stock.

How to Order:

Choose your items either from the list below or from the other companies stocklists. Then, please write me an email which CLEARLY indicates the quantity and price of each item you are interested in. Please do (and double check) the necessary calculations yourself. Then, email this to me at

After I have received this, I will look this over. If all is in order, then I will try to ascertain that all the items on your list are indeed available for me to get for you. If they are, and all is good, then I will make a postage cost estimate (again, my postage cost will be about the same as any UK seller) ask you to please send a cheque covering the amount to me. Unless you prefer otherwise, this cheque will not be deposited until your items arrive in the UK.

Why do I ask you to do the calculations? I provide this Unitrack deal as a way to promote N-gauge in the UK. My financial interest at this at the price I am offering this is minimal (remember, this price includes necesary VAT fees and import duties duly paid as well as the cost of posting from Japan to the UK). Therefore, in recognition of this, I ask that you please take the time to do the math and to, generally, "help me to help you." Please provide me your "order" in a way that is crystal-clear for me to understand and leaves no room for ambiguity as this will speed up the process. If you want me to do the math for you, I am happy to provide Unitrack at 90% instead of 75% of the UK retail price :). Thank you for your understanding.